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Save Money by making your own Smokes!

Carton (200 smokes):
Pack (20 smokes):
$3.50 per pack

The state and federal cigarette manufacturing taxes are very high - over 15 cents per smoker at the state level alone! By buying the tobacco and tubes, and then making the smokes yourself, you avoid this tax entirely. Therefore, you can save up to thirty dollars per carton!

The Fresh Choice Electric Cigarette Machine allows smokers to make a pack of king size cigarettes in two minutes and a carton of cigarettes in twenty minutes. It puts a measured amount of tobacco into each tube so the tubes are fully packed and every cigarette is the same.

Please note that Smokers' Choice staff members cannot make the cigarettes for you, and you have to do it yourself. However, we'll be very happy to show you how, and help you with any trouble with our Fresh Choice machines!

Prices shown are with our standard tubes and tobacco.

Watch a Video!

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